Connecticut/New York State Line

Address: New England Thruway (I-95)
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Category: Border Crossing
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  • Tim B

    State line? All the folks from Greenwich think they are in New York anyways...
  • Lindsay Brooke

    WTF why is there so much traffic????
  • Laurie Hart

    Nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live here.
  • Cara

    CT takes forever to drive through! Good luck!
  • Sarah

    Ah, to be a passenger and have the luxury of not dealing with traffic and finding this excellent check in. Many crossings as a passenger have made me very happy!
  • ???? Michel Daoud

    remember the movie PCU circa 1994?
  • Di-A!

    Checking in as a anyone who's doing so here should be...
  • Luke Jervis

    Traffic pretty smooth on the NE Thruway.
  • ileana

    @jenniferh this is a venue because it came up on 4sq as one just like I-95 does and other highways.
  • Dirk Doggler

    If you like to sample while you shop, visit Stew Leonard's in East Norwalk off exit 16. It was featured on Ripley's Believe It or Not! as the world's largest dairy store.
  • Mike C

    Didn't know that Westchester was a state.
  • Gurpreet Capri Singh

    Stop taking pictures while driving on the NE Thruway! :D
  • Rich Kidd

    @Alex B: It is the state line. Look at the map.
  • Gregg Hamilton

    A2Z Band at the Lyons Park Bandshell on Saturday. Good fun.
  • Jason O'Brien

    If you're heading south, CT the cops LOVE to hang out in the median and catch speeders. If you're going North into MA... don't worry about it... the MA state cops probably have better things to do.
  • Sean Herrmann

    We're not in Connecticut anymore Toto
  • Osiris Escobar

    Don't stare at sign too long and crash if you're driving!
  • Sue B

    Connecticut is a hands free state, make sure you have either an earbud or Bluetooth if you must use the phone.
  • Kelly Lamb

    Home Sweet Home! No place like home-now in 2 hours will actually be home.
  • Nadine Campbell

    Police @WeighStation by Bren exits 2&3 are vigilant for people texting and/or checking in @4square. ;) lol BE CAREFUL when checking in here!!!!! As u must be driving!!!!
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