Greenwich Hospital

Address: 5 Perryridge Rd
Phone: (203) 863-3000
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Category: Hospital
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  • Dutch Doscher

    If you were to have a baby anywhere, this is the place. GREAT, you feel like that have your back after you leave.
  • Nick Melillo

    Great place for surgery awsome doctors
  • Joanne MacLeod

    My daughter was born here. Great maternity care.
  • Katie Egan

    I had my daughter here and the maternity staff was great. They took great care of my daughter and I. Never had to worry when she was out of my room. Overall it's a great hospital or be treated at.
  • John Cautillo

    Best staff of any hospital I have been in.
  • Dan Brown

    I have seen/been to many hospitals and this place is one of my favorites! Lovely place! Great staff and culture. Put patient care first! I would recommend anyone to come here!
  • corinne lorreyte

    Good hospital but don't go there if you think you have a stroke , even thought they have a stroke protocol they don't stand by it, I got lucky nothing went wrong with me bc of that .... Be aware
  • Edward U

    Try to show up to any appointment a little early. There is rarely much of any wait, but still. Had surgery last week, and the doctors & staff, have been very helpful. Great facility, and free parking!
  • Amie Ball

    Amazing staff caring and considerate...beautiful hospital ...negative people STFU
  • Glenn Matthews

    There is nothing STAT about a STAT CT Scan or Blood Work. Oh, and the pain management doctor, Dr. Bennett-and I use the term doctor loosely because he is basically a vet- is a douchebag.
  • Linda

    We are here
  • Felipe Gomez

    Our commitment to you: Quality, "alright" comfort, and no compassion from the nurse that checks you in to the ER.
  • Raine Diaz

    If you are sick this is the place to go. The staff is amazing and the facility is beautiful.
  • Ali C

    Great hospital if your looking for a country club but lousy staff
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